Ishod Wair

Pushing Philly Since Day One

The best spots in Philly are? Some of the spots I like the most are, Lovebird, that place is always fun when there's any crazy stuff happening or anything in U Penn there is a bunch of stuff in there.

Philly is best know for ____? In my eyes I guess Philly is best known for ledge skating and just being in the streets in general.

For someone who's never skated in Philly. Where is the first place you would tell them to go? I would tell that person to just explore around downtown and have some fun.

Go to spot for Food: Jeans Café is a good spot, it's a little deli.

Top 5 Reasons you love where you're from.

Security/Cops in Philly are good at taking their job too seriously we're just skating, pushing rather.

Describe Philly in one word? Trippy

Who is currently Pushing skateboarding in Philly and it's skate community? Jesse Clayton, he builds little skateparks around the area using recycled materials, pretty radical.

Skateboarding in Philly will always be new just like every time you step on a board and ride its never exactly the same always something new.

Something Philly has that nowhere else does. LOVE

Favorite spot in Philly is? I don't have a single favorite spot, it always changes.

If it wasn't for Philly, I wouldn't be in Jersey.

Best thing to come out of the Philly skate scene? Ricky O, he broke it off.

Funniest thing you've ever seen happen while skating in Philly? My friend Pat fell asleep with a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey on it stuck right on the middle of his chest. Passed out mid snack, haha.

Do you remember the first time you left home to skate elsewhere? Where did you go? Just a couple towns around Bordentown, NJ.

Who from Philly do you owe it all to? My mom but she's from Jersey.

Things you miss most when you're away? Personal space.

Best memory from growing up skating in Philly? The weekend trips that my friends and I would take to Philly back in the day.